John Kozyrakis


For the past 6+ years I’ve been an application security consultant at Cigital, now part of Synopsys Software Integrity Group), based in London, UK.

I focus primarily on mobile application security. Currently I’m heavily involved within Synopsys R&D, researching issues that might affect mobile application in languages like Swift and Kotlin.

As a consultant I help architects and developers build mobile applications securely from design and specifications to low-level details of binary protections. I also spend time designing and building static & dynamic analysis tools for mobile applications.

Over the years I’ve engaged in many aspects of application security, including architecture reviews, threat modeling, SDLC management, code reviews, pentesting and reverse engineering.

You might see my name written as Yiannis, Yannis, Ioannis or John, depending on context and platform. Kozyrakis is spelled as “cozy-ra-kiss”.